The triumphant march of an idea: 2 million Audi models with quattro drive
Date: Friday, December 30, 2005 @ 10:32:41 GMT
Author: audioc
Topic: Audi Press Releases
Since the "Ur-quattro" was launched in 1980, more than 2,000,000 Audi customers have opted for models with permanent four-wheel drive - a figure which will continue to rise. The most successful German pop star of the last few years, Xavier Naidoo, today took ownership of the two-millionth Audi to feature permanent four-wheel drive - an A8 W12 L with a twelve-cylinder engine. The German soul singer stated: "I am an avowed car enthusiast. My new A8 not only provides a great experience in driving terms, but also features a high-end sound system for audio enjoyment." The A8 is fitted with the Advanced Sound System from Bang & Olufsen. This has a total output of more than 1000 watts and comprises 14 speakers housed in enclosed capsules and tweeters which extend automatically from the dashboard.

Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn, Chairman of the Board of Management at AUDI AG, commented: "quattro technology is inextricably linked with the Audi brand. Audi is quattro, quattro is Audi. Together with the TDI diesel engines, the petrol direct-injection units with turbocharger, the aluminium body and multitronic transmission, permanent four-wheel drive is the principal genetic feature and the actual brand essence of Audi. It ensures that the classic brand claim "Vorsprung durch Technik" can be directly experienced.

It is 25 years since Audi revolutionised the automotive industry with the unveiling of the first Audi quattro at the Geneva Motor Show. More traction, better handling, consistent dynamism, safe driving - this is what the continually enhanced quattro drive system has stood for right up to the present day.

This is confirmed by numerous awards: this year, for example, the Audi A6 quattro and the Audi A8 quattro were voted the best four-wheel-drive cars in the luxury class for 2005 by the readers of "Auto Bild Alles Allrad", Europe's best-selling four-wheel-drive magazine. With runners-up spots going to the A3 quattro, the A4 quattro and the TT Coupé quattro, Audi was the most successful brand of all in this readers' poll.

Cars which distribute their propulsive power between all four wheels can generate a higher cornering force at each wheel than front-wheel-drive or rear-wheel-drive vehicles; their traction and cornering behaviour are superior. quattro drive can always transfer considerably more propulsive power than two-wheel drive thanks to the superior traction. The less friction provided by the road surface, the greater the reserves available due to increased driving safety. The Audi model range currently comprises 74 four-wheel-drive versions.

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