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Posted on Thursday, August 25, 2005 @ 15:36:04 BST by audioc

We were wondering; This site is now one of the more predominant, All model Audi sites for UK owners. Over 4,500 registered users, obviously not all are from the UK.
Those of you that are from the UK- are you in any of the club's?
Most of the guys behind this website, offering support, advice, and having a good laugh are actually from the Audi Owners Club, although the site isn't actually paid for by the club.
There are plans afoot this in the near future to try and get the main UK Audi Club's together to form an "alliance" with the ACI, so that owners have a better "voice" with Audi- both here in the UK, and with Audi direct in Germany.There are several questions/ theories/ comments available regarding this. There was a preliminary meeting set up, with some members of the ACI and representatives of a few of the Audi Club's a couple of months back- Andy B and Steve B went on behalf of the Audi Owners Club, Paul Wadge went on behalf of Club Audi, and the main starter of it all, Kurt Sozen, (DKW register) was also in attendance.

You may have seen an article in the latest issue of Audi Driver magazine regarding this.
My response to the meeting- and to Paul's article- are around the basis of the following:

Firstly- many thanks to Kurt for taking the time, trouble, and effort to get this meeting kick started and off the ground. Not all the club's could participate, which was unfortunate- but the fact that he attempted (and partially succeeded) to get the club's together is a worthy mention on it's own. For too long the club's have been plagued by competition and politics- all club's are guilty of this, and hopefully there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

Support for the majority of the Audi Club's in the UK, from Audi UK has been limited, at best. If this formation helps improve matters, then myself and the committee of the Audi Owners Club are fully in favour of this action, and will give it our full support.

Each club has it's own agenda; each has it's own membership base and members interests' to think of- this is a solution where each individual club will keep and maintain it's own identity, while still having the additional framework and support a larger organisation can provide.
There is the potential for a meeting to take place- between the club's- at Audi Driver International, at Castle Combe in October. I ask that all of you that are part of a club, contact your club management and ask if your club will be represented at the meeting. It is in YOUR interest that this happens.

There is a post in the forum where questions can be asked before then. All visitors are invited- regardless of club- to participate. Remember, even though is owned by Andy (co-founder of the Audi Owners Club)- it's not the club's website- it's open to ALL Audi Owners and enthusiasts'.

So, you may wonder what we constitue as a "club", or why a particular organisation you are part of isn't listed? This is a grey area, and one to be discussed further, but myself, Steve and Paul Wadge concluded the following:
A Club is run by a committee of at least three.
A Club has memberships/ membership cards/ etc. and structure.
A Club takes out and pays for PLI (Public Liability Insurance) to cover itself and it's members for any events/ publications (print or web based) or goods/ services it offers or is invlved with.
Say you meet up with enthusiasts' at an event and something happens - something falls off/ on a car, and someone is injured- your car insurance doesn't cover you. (No, re-read that again, I am correct)
Somone posts something on your website saying that company X are a pile of poo.... who is responsible for that? you could find that everybody who joins in with an opinion could end up in a real pickle with legalities if it all goes pear shaped........
And show us an internet based forum that can offer a recognised Agreed Value Insurance Certificate..... is not, and will not, be considered a Club. It cannot offer the support and services that the Audi Owners Club can.... and that's where the costs are involved.....

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