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Ok, I did a fuel pressure test. Not exactly by the book - I used the test port on the lower half of the fuel distributor.

5.5 bar when the engine is running and
3.5 bar after 30 mins.
3.9 bar after 3 hours (it was a warm day)
3.0 bar after 24 hours

A great result and within guidelines. I think...

I am ready to give the fuel system a clean bill of health - I will repeat the differential pressure regulator voltage check which had some odd results in the last post.

I will also adjust the air flap mixture setting, with Vagcom running live data -> to get the smoothest idle. I may swap back my air flap to my old one which has not been adjusted.

Really, after that it is back to the ignition system and the associated sensors that the ECU uses.

...and it may be worth considering major failures like piston rings, leaking valves etc. The engine is emmiting a lot of dark grey sooty smoke - leaving deposits on the wheelie bin behind it. I believed it to be incorrect mixture burning that gave this but maybe something else.

I have done a number of compression tests with varying results ->Perhaps soot buildup is giving more favourable results at the moment. The plugs a get sooty but not oily FWIW.

I am looking for checks/tests to assess general engine health - any tips on the ACE or similar engine?
For sale: 1500

See this advert on gumtree....

1991 Audi 80 2.0E saloon in tornado red with just over 60000 miles. 2 previous owners. The car has always been garaged and has a completely documented service history with all MOTs. The car has just been serviced and has 12 months MOT. The car was one of the last B3 Audi 80 versions to come off the production line and was fitted from new with the following optional extras: Manual sunroof, rear spoiler, Aero design alloy wheels, rear electric windows and original Blaupunkt stereo radio cassette player. There is also a CAT 2 Sterling Excel immobiliser fitted. There are two sets of keys.

Any inspection is welcome. This was one of the first cars to have a completely galvanized bodyshell and is in outstanding condition for its year. It is unusual to find a car like this with such a low mileage. A future classic car!
WIN 2x BTCC 2018 Weekend Tickets


Our DashCam prize draw was really popular so maybe we'll give you the chance to win another one later in the year.

As for now, I'm excited to announce a new competition open to members of this club/forum.

When you request a quote for Chris Knott Car Insurance before we close on 31st May 2018 you'll automatically be entered in our draw to win a great prize if you like your motorsport.

You could WIN 2x weekend tickets for the penultimate round of the BTCC 2018 at Silverstone on 15th & 16th September 2018 courtesy of Chris Knott.

2x adult tickets for the whole weekend plus printed programmes.
Children aged 15 and under can attend for free.
Saturday - Roving Grandstand seating.
Watch all support races and practices.
Sunday - Copse A Grandstand seating.
FREE pit walk.
On-track podium presentation.
Post-race track walk.
Open paddock access all weekend.
FREE car parking.

All you have to do is contact us for a car insurance quote. You'll know that Chris Knott Insurance specialises in looking after car club/forum members and enthusiasts with standard or modified cars.

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We'll include anyone who has already requested a quote since 1st April so this competition runs on seamlessly from the last one.

When you ask us to quote you'll benefit from our competitive car insurance premiums that reward the care and attention you lavish on your car. You'll also receive professional advice, personal service and all the ongoing support you need. All this PLUS entry in our prize draw just for requesting a quote.

We look forward to helping you get a better deal on your car insurance.


More details:

Recent feedback about Chris Knott's service levels
You can be sure we offer competitive value for money, not cheap and nasty...

"Had a quote from Chris Knott for my ST200. Very happy... Cover starts Saturday. Thanks." Y2KMC, Fiesta ST Owners Club

"Came back to you guys in September on my new Alfa, after a few years away on an import which unfortunately you couldn't insure. Always impressed by the high level of customer service." Eklipze3k, Fiat Forum

"Insurance via social (and late on a Wednesday night too); impressive!" Axel Stand, Twitter

"Why aren't more car insurance companies like this? I like Chris Knotts personal touch. It's cool!" CJ, Twitter

"Excellent service, nothing is ever too much bother for the staff, I shall continue to use them." Brian L, TrustPilot

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Winners and winning quotes...

I think it's important to announce the winners of our competitions for transparency and to give you the confidence to enter - there IS always a winner.

I am pleased to reveal the winner of our Nextbase Duo HD Dashcam prize, including a 32Gb SD card (overall worth 200+), as Christopher Dunne of DaciaForum. He did take up our competitive quote but that wasn't a condition of entry of course.

Will you enter our next competition simply by requesting a Chris Knott car insurance quote?

"What's the prize?" I hear you ask - well, inspired by yesterday's season opener at Brands Hatch (our nearest circuit), we're putting a nice BTCC package together. Keep your eyes open for the announcement soon.

Entry is automatic when you request a car insurance quote from Chris Knott - we'll be adding anyone who requests a car insurance quote between 01/04/2018 and 31/05/2018 or renews their existing CK car insurance policy with us in the same time-frame. So get calling for your competitive car quote (no purchase necessary for entry).

We have more insurers on our panel than ever before so we should be able to find many of you your winning quote.

QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274 - please mention this club/forum to access the full benefits of club membership

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Why are phone quotes best?
We prefer you to call us because we get a better feel for you when we speak and you can explain things that a restrictive online form just can't handle (especially if there are mods). We also prefer personal service and relationship. It helps us to speak to you at a time that's convenient if you're instigating the call too - we'd hate to miss you when we call you back (which happens more often than you'd think and more than we'd like).


TrustPilot reviews for Chris Knott Insurance

"Through a few minutes phone conversation I had a new insurance quote 180 cheaper than my previous company. The paperwork flowed smoothly through the internet and now fully signed up." Christopher D, TrustPilot

"Staff went an extra mile to match and better the alternative online quote I had." Clive C, TrustPilot

"Great price, quick, efficient and easy to deal with." Angie M, TrustPilot

"Very helpful staff who found the rather out-of-the-ordinary insurance I wanted, and at a reasonable price." Roger L, TrustPilot

"A very pleasant experience and a great price!" Lawrence H, TrustPilot

"Gave good competitive quote for modifications and explained cover and gave guidance on how to send required information online, highly recommended." Kevin C, TrustPilot
Well the engine is knackered no compression on four pots. What do I do now, scrap it, replace the engine or whip the heads off. What would you do? Sniff
Replaced the blown bulb in the computer display, everything works fine but am still getting the number "61" on the display. Any suggestions?
Nj wrote:
Yeah, of all the coupes I've owned I miss that body the most. It was ony a 2.0 16v so obviously not my favourite engine (I've had every other variant apart from the 2.8 V6 quattro), some to fix and sell on, some to break. Previous owner of that red car was a body shop bloke in Glasgow so he'd resprayed it and lowered it. It turned heads all the time. I look at my 2.3 20v quattro now, and it just doesn't have the same "ooooh" factor. I think I need to lower it and have at least parts of it repainted (bumpers, bonnet and spoiler).
I always liked the turquoise coupes too. Was it Kingfisher blue officially?

found some pics earlier of the old coupe,

I just wanted to highlight a product in the Chris Knott range that will benefit some members when buying a new or nearly new car.

Chris Knott GAP Cover is important if you'd like to replace your car with another one at the original value following a total loss claim. Highly competitive, this protection is likely to be vastly cheaper than your car dealer's equivalent offering.

What is Chris Knott GAP cover?
You may have heard of Finance GAP or Return To Invoice (RTI) GAP but Chris Knott's GAP is a combination of the best of both those worlds...

In the event of a total loss, your motor insurer will only pay you the market value of your vehicle at the time of the loss. However, you may have outstanding finance owing on the vehicle which is greater than that market value. In any case you'll get back less than you paid for, or owe, on the vehicle.

This insurance covers you for 3 years and pays you the difference between your motor insurer's payout and the outstanding finance amount OR the net purchase invoice price (WHICHEVER IS GREATER) so you can buy another car for the original value.

Low cost, high value
Cover starts at just 117.85 for 3 year's cover - that's about 39 per year for great peace of mind.

Even a 50,000 vehicle only costs 216.22!

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See how affordable Chris Knott GAP Cover could be for you at or call us on 0800 917 2274.


PS. Cover must be arranged within the first 90 days of ownership but is available for all vehicles less than 8 years old with less than 80,000 miles on the clock.

GAP Testimonials

"I've been with Chris Knott for quite a few years including both the XE and the previous XF, plus my other runabouts. Also insured modified cars with them in the past with no hassle. Got my GAP insurance through CKI as it was a lot cheaper than Jaguar's own quote and others, too. They've always been the best for service, speed and price..." Pete McK, JagInfo

"Just a quick one, covered my ST earlier with Chris Knott's GAP took me 5 minutes for a quote online and about 10 minutes on the phone to finalise. The lady I spoke to was great and managed to answer everything I asked..." titchytom86, FiestaST OC
CK - now even more members able to save


Further to my post last month about our DashCam Prize Draw (which is still running), here's another great incentive for you to call us for a quote when your car insurance is due...

One of our insurer partners has opened up new pricing to us. This brings greater flexibility for us and more winning quotes for you. We already sign-up a healthy percentage of members who request a quote but this will mean we should have even more success at getting you the best insurance deal.

What are you waiting for? Call Chris Knott free on 0800 917 2274 and mention this forum to access our special car club/enthusiast's facility.

Alternatively, you can request a callback at

All quotes offered before 31st March result in automatic entry to our Draw to win a Nextbase Duo HD DashCam plus 32Gb Micro SD Card (worth over 200), so get calling!


PS. We'll have a new, additional, provider coming on board soon to broaden our capability and insurer panel further - more news to follow as details unfold.

Recent feedback from happy some Chris Knott clients - all Alfa Romeo Owners Club UK members this time as it happens:

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"They are great." Andrew Morrish, Alfa Romeo OC

did you get it fixed?
Now sold.
Can anyone help I have an A6 C6 4F Multitronic 2007 and would like to change standard Fog Light Grill for one that have DLR lights see picture

As they are DLR how do i connect them up without having to put a switch I would like them to come on when you start car & not be part of the Auto light system

Thank for any help
I have an Audi A6 C6 4F (2007) i noticed some moisture on inside windows so decided to put my Dehumidifire to dry it out left it for a few hours as it no that big opened car and noticed no lights came on also dash pressed light buttons nothing untill i put key in ignition then all was fine no problem since just interested in any ideas anyne has to why
After months of hassle I fitted the new fuel gauge, it differs from the original by not having the fixing screws titted. Instead, you just have the threads. Fitted it and put everything back together, turned on the ignition and it didn't budge a millimeter. On the computer, I had a fault number 61, anybody know what this is telling me? Probably the gauge is not working!
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Marvin wrote:
Cabs not turned a wheel in three years....... Sad

thought i was bad - only been out twice this year,and still not done the various jobs its needs.

and my hardtop is still on the hoist in the garage 12 months later!!!
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